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I love my life. Every bit of it. I also love photography, art, fashion, music, & blogging. I love to inspire & to be inspired. I love things that help motivate me to be better. So this blog will mostly contain all of those, while I share the bits & pieces of my exciting life with my loving husband and soon-to-be baby. Instagram - _jcxb

My pride & joy, Maxie. His actual name is “Max”, but I don’t like to call him that for some reason. Mainly because it doesn’t fit him. Maxie sounds way cuter! ^_^

He makes me so happy. He has the ability to turn my worst days into great ones. Too bad I don’t get to see him often, though ): since he lives with my parents at the house, I only get to see him when I come over. So sad.

My boyfriend gets super jealous of him because I always give him so many hugs & kisses. Maxie loves giving me and my mom kisses. He’s the sweetest. “Nakakainggit naman si Maxie! Buti pa siya, kinikiss mo at nakakayakap mo.” Translation: Maxie gets me so jealous. At least you get to kiss and hug him. — Hehe, my boyfriend is such a dork. I always find it mad cute when he gets jealous, especially of my dog. LOL.

Anonymous asked: doesn't it bother you that you and julius aren't dating anymore? is it weird to be in a long distance relationship with someone new after having sharing so much long distance relationship memories with julius? not hating or anything because i'm sure you and your new boyfriend are cute :) and i'm glad that you're happy!

Well, of course it bothered me at first, but that was when I wasn’t completely over him yet. I’ve had more than enough time to get over him, though. What Julius & I had was no doubt something irreplaceable and special, and I will never forget everything we’ve been through together. But life goes on. People change. They grow up. Time separates people who never thought that they’d drift. & even though we never wanted to be so distant from each other, it was pretty much inevitable.

It’s honestly not weird for me at all. I’m with Rommel now. Meaning new life, new relationship. Long distance or not, it doesn’t matter to me. It’s not that we do all the same things that Julius & I used to do, and if we do, again… it’s completely inevitable. There are only so many things you can do in a long distance relationship because unfortunately, the things you can do is limited to over the phone and via computer. But yeah, to answer your question… I’m honestly not bothered by it & no, it’s not weird to me at all.

Rommel makes me super duper incredibly happy, and I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else. What Julius and I had was something special, but that doesn’t mean my relationship with Rommel can’t be special as well. Thank you, though! (: I think we’re pretty cute myself. Haha.

"Lose your pride over someone you love, but don’t ever lose someone you love over your pride."

You have made me feel every emotion that is possible for any human soul to feel.

When we argue, and I mean REALLY argue, I honestly don’t know how I feel about you at that point in time. You make me love you & hate you all at the same time. You make me cry, yet my heart is still reaching out for you, and only you. One moment, we could be perfectly fine and at our happiest stage of our conversation, then everything will come crashing down the next. You frustrate me in every way possible. You make me want to pull out all my hair, scream at the top of my lungs, and just curse you out like there’s no tomorrow.

But then again, you are so good to me. Too good to me. You’re such a gentleman towards me. You spoil me with all your love in your heart, and you never let me forget how much you care about me. You treat me like I’m the only girl in this world that you ever notice and think about. You really do treat me like such a princess. And what am I? I’m such a little bitch towards you. Of course not all the time, but when we I’m pissed, I know I am capable of saying the most hurtful and rudest words, regardless of who it is. But with you? I know at times, I take you and your love for granted. I don’t deserve a man like you, but you stick by my side anyway. You still love me with all your heart and soul. You still are willing to push forward in our relationship, no matter how much it can hurt at times.

I’m so unfair when we argue because I just keep throwing out points that don’t even really matter. They’re so irrelevant to what we’re actually arguing about. It’s like word vomit- I say things without thinking. I say and do just about anything to make myself look like the good person, then I get that satisfaction once I’ve made you feel like nothing but complete shit about yourself. I don’t realize my mistakes until AFTER I’ve literally made you cry, or after we give each other the silent treatment for a long period of time (long period of time to us = not anything over 2-3 hours). All I can say now is, I’m so sorry. You deserve nothing but my absolute best, and I’m going to give that to you. I mean, you’re my prince charming & I give you my all for the most part… It’s just when we fuss and fight, I let my pride get the best of me. I have such a hard time putting my pride aside sometimes. But I really do love you with all my heart and I’m gonna make sure that you never forget that.

Thank you for all that you do for me, though. You have no idea how much it means to me that you always go out of your way to keep a smile on my face. You don’t ever hear this enough… but I appreciate your existence in my life, I really do. I appreciate every little attempt & effort that you do, big or small. I realize what I have to do to change things, too. It’s time to stop being selfish. It’s time to learn to put my pride aside. It’s time to be more considerate about your thoughts and feelings. It’s time to listen and hear you out more. Because this isn’t just about me or you, it’s about us. It will ALWAYS be about us. You, me, forever.

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