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I love my life. Every bit of it. I also love photography, art, fashion, music, & blogging. I love to inspire & to be inspired. I love things that help motivate me to be better. So this blog will mostly contain all of those, while I share the bits & pieces of my exciting life with my loving husband and soon-to-be baby. Instagram - _jcxb

Some people cannot wait to push fast forward just so they can know what tomorrow will bring. Some people dread that they cannot rewind back to the happiest days of their lives. Some people wish they could pause just to live in the same moment forever. & some people are just too eager to eject, just so they can escape it all. But a life full of wonders doesn’t do you any good unless you allow life itself to reveal its answers. Today’s script has already been written for you… Just press play.


Lips of an angel.

From our very first kiss to our very last one, your kiss was like toxic to me. It was like nothing else I had ever felt before. And it’s not because we were in that perfect moment, or because were together and happy… Each one of those are complete understatements. It was the way you held me close- so close to where I could feel your heart pumping and that adrenaline rush as you pulled me closer and closer to you. It was the way my fingertips pressed so softly against your soft cheek, and then slowly down your neck. It was the way we could still feel each others’ smiles as we kissed each other with the most passion possible. You gave me that paralyzing feeling that had absolutely no escape until you literally let me go, and even then, I still couldn’t believe that we shared such a special & unforgettable moment. It was the way I grabbed your hands as our fingers playfully intertwined together, and they just rested together, locked. Then we stopped for just a split moment, only to look into each others’ eyes as our foreheads slightly touched, and then we exchanged smiles. You grabbed my face gently and kissed me again, and it was like I was floating through the clouds then. I was so frozen within time, so captivated by your touch, and so comfortable being trapped in your loving arms. Then you paused for a moment, looked me straight in the eye, hugged me so tight, and said with the most sincerest and warmest voice, “I love you. I will always love you, mahal.”

All of this happened within the course of about five minutes, but I swear, I could have lived in that moment forever. It was truly something so precious. Who knew something as short as five minutes could make such an incredible impact to your whole life? Everything about it was so bittersweet.

And after all that we’ve been through since then? All I can say is, thank you for giving me the blessing of calling you mine <3

That moment when a person I was once really close to all of a sudden comes out of the blue and says, “I miss you.”


It’s clear that we haven’t talked in a while because neither one of us has had contact with each other. That person hasn’t bothered hitting me up until now. They are completely capable of clicking “like” on a few of my Facebook statuses and a couple of my photos, yet never bother to leave me a comment or two in attempt to make conversation with me. They spend hours on end with an online status, yet never take the time to try and catch up with me. There were a few times here and there where I know for a fact I have tried to spark up a conversation with them, but I either got one worded boring ass responses that I couldn’t reply to, or no reply at all.

Yeah, I understand that keeping in touch is a two way thing, but I’m not the one who randomly just said “I miss you”, now was I? You really miss me? Then actually make the effort to talk to me, let’s play catch up for a little bit, fill me in on your life, exchange conversation, etc. But don’t ever tell me you miss me if you don’t even make an effort to be a part of my life. It’s not like I pushed you away. Time does have the tendency to drift people apart… but that doesn’t mean they’re incapable of bringing themselves back together.

Anonymous asked: are you honestly happy with rommel?

Honestly? This is the happiest I’ve been in a really long time. I love him with all my heart, and like I said before, I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else. He makes me so happy in so many ways. Yeah, we have our ups and downs, but that’s just part of being in a long-term relationship. It’s never perfect, and hardly ever easy. But I found my strength and comfort in him, and other than the distance, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This song makes me miss Philippines so damn much. I miss watching all my game shows & dramas. What I REALLY miss the most is watching Wil Time Big Time with Cyrene (my little sister) and my tito. Willie Revillame is the best. He’s such an inspiration to me.

I remember Cyrene would never want to go to sleep early, so I would let her stay up with me and I would just sing to her so she’d fall asleep anyway. It was the most adorable thing. Then when I would stop singing, she’d all of a sudden wake up and whine. Even though she was so stubborn and hard headed and got on my last nerve, I miss her dearly. Argh, my tito warned me about this… He told me I would miss her even though she’s so hard headed and always pissed me off. Heh, he was definitely right. I miss all of my family back home. Not a single day passes by that I don’t wish I could be on a plane right now on the way back to PI.

Sometimes, I wonder what my life would be like if I just moved there for a year or two. It’d be hella different, but I don’t think I’d mind it. I obviously got used to living there for 3 months, so I’m sure I could get used to it all over again. I could grow accustom to their lifestyle, the way things run over there, the food, the heat, everything. I’d give anything to go back home. And to see my love and finally get to hold him in my arms again? Shit, I would do ANYTHING. Any-fricken-thing.